The core of a startup is its long-term strategy. The health, the vision, not the very short result, better to build foundations.

As time passes customer archetype is evolving is getting complex, more singular, more work (brain-work) is needed to fuel a powerful business.

Always you think on strategy of the competing forces on drivers.

Even if you don’t have control build that control by creating vision, mission, and primarily value and values: foundations.

So we need to be sophisticated, adapt, dig out, study hard our competitors. But focus on creating the most highly value for our serving group.

By the way super efficient, at transportation, at creating. Create a dense group of customers. Yes sale! and invest all in talent.

Be really smart and business analysis, we need to make abstraction, the entry barriers.

Superior profitability. We need the two type of competitors advantage:

  • Differentiation, differentiate yourself do at least something better. Customer will pay more, if functionality, aesthetics, design one of the last is better. We need to being able to sell higher.
  • Lower cost. If we can make something cheaper and more efficient. Have a structure to achieve lower cost.

So you want to sell to a lower cost or differentiate in order to have a competitor advantage best tool for Business Strategy?

So focus on sales, supply chain,… the value chain.

What is the value change in that business?

By the way you need to study hard Business Strategy (Strategic Management) in order to get competitor advantage.

Create a unique value proposition, we need to make thinks unique.

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