Here is a post of the skills required to survive in 2021 as a programmer by selling your “code goods” or your software directly to the final customer.

A set of abilities are required to become an entrepreneur in this new millennia so let’s jump to them.

List of skills required to be a programmer in 2021

  • Swift programming for iOS development.
  • Java/Kotlin for Android programming.
  • Backend programming (elixir, Node.js, python) or at least Firebase.
  • Web development at least the latest JS – ECMAScript.
  • Python for creating Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.
  • Go or Elixir Programming Languages for backend.
  • Learn how to make video Games in at least two engines: Unity and Unreal Engine.
  • Learn 2D (Illustrator) and 3D (Blender is free) design.

Emotional Skills required to become a programmer in 2021

  • Resilience
  • Resistance to work as hard as you can every day.
  • Take a lot of courses, there are great platforms as Udemy, Coursera, Youtube, etc.

Work as hard as you can every day. Good sleep, and caffeine are best possibles allies.

Make blogging and vlogs to promote your software.

The channels for earning money as a programmer in 2021

  • Selling digital goods in Appstore, Google Play, In-App purchases (User pay if wants the ads to be removed).
  • Selling apps directly with no Ads.
  • Earning some money with Admob (Google Ads for apps).
  • Selling video Games in The Epic Store.
  • Selling Video games on Steam
  • Earning some money in web with Google Adsense
  • Selling courses on Udemy or in your own website using a WordPress plugin.

Strategies for making money as a programmer in 2021

  • Do social media. Create a facebook FanPage, a Pinterest Business Account. Dream big.
  • Create a Youtube channel where at list you publish the basics docs on how your software works.
  • Study digital marketing hard, and practice by creating sites and social media accounts to drive traffic to your projects.

Finally never quit, give your soul and all your energy for creating VALUE.

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