Software marketing 2021

Marketing is the nucleic acid of adaptation and programmers that wants to become CEO or entrepreneur must master a set of basic marketing techniques.

List of required skills for marketing 2021

  • Writing, communication do blogs and write articles for documenting and communicating your software.
  • Image Creation, being able to create at least 2D graphics using Photoshop or for promoting your website/app/game.
  • Video Editing. Being able to create video on Adobe Premiere, Final cut or a similar software.
  • Creating a Business Account in Pinterest and post daily.
  • Create a Facebook Fan Page and post Daily.
  • Being able to grow your audience.
  • Creating high quality videos for youtube and grow that audience.
  • Using reddit.
  • Creating high quality courses on Udemy and make sells.
  • Creating your site and working hard to SEO, your site must promote your software.
  • Become a pro at SEO, make your site get thousands of page views daily.
  • Become a pro in Social Media. Make your Pinterest/ Facebook account reaches millions and generates thousands of clickc.

Be resilient, becoming an entrepreneur is a large journey: resistance, patience, hard work, creativity, marketing, SEO, collaboration is required if you want that dreamed financial freedom.

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